Do Guys Like Cultured Girls?

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To be cultured means to be classy and modest at the same time. So when we talk about a cultured girl, we are talking about a girl who can carry herself in a classy manner while also depicting modesty in behavior. She is broad minded, has integrity and strength of character. Guys respect a cultured girl, and would like nothing better than to marry such a girl.

Is it not true that guys like “wild” girls?

Guys have feelings of lust for wild girls, who go about in the skimpiest of dresses and flirt freely at the drop of a hat, but she is mostly objectified in their minds, and they can’t see beyond her body.

Why do guys fall in love with modest girls?

A “mother” is usually the source of love, care and respect in a guy’s life. Since a kid he has grown up loving and respecting his mother. He respects her for being a woman who takes care of him, organizes his life, understands his problems and is “modest” in her ways. A “mother” always conjures up the image of “modesty”, patience and strength of character. So these are the attributes that a guy actually looks for in a girl.

This does not mean that a guy wants a mother in his girlfriend, though a lot of guys would love that. What a guy really wants is a girl who can emulate the good qualities that “mother” figures should have. After all, if he marries her she will be the mother to his kids.

A well learned girl, who carries herself with modesty and class is the kinda girl that a guy would love to take home to his parents. Such a girl is usually a source of “stability” in a guy’s life because she is mature, patient and understanding. She is not impulsive in mannerisms and conducts herself with pose; these qualities give a lot of confidence to a guy who has her as his girlfriend or wife.

An average looking cultured girl is preferred by a guy compared to a good looking “wild” girl, when it comes to marriage and long-term relationship. A wild girl can be enticing in the short-run, but most guys would never take her seriously enough to contemplate marriage.

So in conclusion, guys not only like cultured girls but more often than not are unconsciously “searching” for such a partner. It looks as if sex is the only thing of a guy’s mind, but its not. In truth, most guys are looking for meaningful relationships and a companion who will be their life-partner rather than just a source of “hip and fun”.