Why Won’t My Boyfriend Make Things Physical?

Author: Admin

It’s quite a rarity for a guy to not get physical in a relationship because most guys are quite willing to jump into a girl’s pants at the drop of a hat. So to find a girl complaining about her boyfriend not wanting to get physical sticks out as a one off situation but not an entirely uncommon one.

Let’s look at the many reasons why your boyfriend may be not getting physical with you.

He’s the shy type

It’s true of course that there are many guys who are on the shy side and find it difficult to take their relationship to the second level of physical intimacy especially when they are not sure of how their girlfriend would react to their advances. This can be quite irritating for the girl who is stuck bewildered by this behavior.

It’s helpful to be audacious and take the first step if you find your guy shying away from physical intimacy. Get close to him, flirt with him, throw in hints that you want to get physical. Don’t be too audacious though as it might unsettle him especially if he is not used to such advances.

Shy guys need to be treated with more understanding. Once they open up they become more comfortable and natural in their behavior, but initially they may tend to stay within their shell. If you want you “shy” type boyfriend to make things physical it’s incumbent upon you to take the first step in that direction.

He is quite unsure of the relationship

It’s definitely a rarity but there are some guys who think twice before getting physical with a girl. These guys have a sense of loyalty and believe that getting physical will entail getting “committed”. May be he is not ready for a commitment as yet.

Once he is sure of his love for you he will be open to moving the relationship to the physical level. If this is really the case, you are quite lucky because you are with a guy who has certain principles pertaining to loyalty and commitment.

He Is Waiting for The Right Signals

Perhaps your boyfriend is waiting for you to intimate sex or at-least send the right signals. He does not want to upset you or come across as someone who is only there for the sex. The best thing to do in this situation is to openly talk to him about this issue.

Bond with him, get closer to him emotionally and develop a deeper trust, he will be willing to be more open with you once he feels more connected with you. There are many guys who are looking for a trustworthy, stable partner and are waiting to find one before they get physical, not all guys consider sex as the priority in a relationship.