Things To Do On Your Boyfriend’s Birthday

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Looking for boyfriend birthday ideas? As his girl you can take charge for making all the arrangements for celebrating your boyfriend’s birthday either for the entire day or a part of it. Here is a list of romantic things to do on your boyfriend’s birthday.

Romantic Things to Make Your Boyfriend’s Birthday Special

Here are a few romantic things to do on your boyfriend’s birthday to make your boyfriend’s day special.

Whisk Him Away to a Scenic Location

There is nothing more romantic than to spend an entire day together at a scenic hill station or bay area. You can reserve the hotel room and dining arrangements in advance. You can also ask the hotel staff to prepare a birthday cake that can be brought in by evening or during dinner.

Do fun things through the day or just loll in the bed making love at the hotel. You can also spend some quality time sitting by the beach, or a hill, just absorbing the environment around you while sipping some nice wine or beer as his preference may be.

Get Your Friends Together and Head for a Holiday Spot

Another cool boyfriend birthday idea is to head for a romantic spot. A few days prior to his birthday you can make reservations at a holiday club or some other fun spot near your place. Invite a few of your mutual friends to make the party livelier. You can plan on spending the entire day at the holiday spot playing games, eating, drinking and having fun in general. You can arrange with the staff at the club to arrange for a birthday dinner.

You should check up with him once if he would like to enjoy his birthday with a crowd of friends or would he prefer just the two of you being together. Some guys don’t like the idea of birthday parties and it can leave them feeling stressed.

Take Him on an Ultimate Shopping Trip

Many guys like shopping just as much as girls do. Take him to a nice mall and spend a few hours buying him shirts, accessories or just some gear he likes. Hopefully your boyfriend will be considerate enough not to burn a hole through your pocket. He will feel pampered for sure.

This way he can buy the stuff he really wants, so it makes for a practical birthday gift. Moreover it’s quite exciting to go on a shopping spree with your girlfriend taking the tab for it.

Be His Genie for the Day

This boyfriend birthday idea can be real fun and adventurous You can tell him that you are willing to do all his “biding” for the day. It’s like being at his “disposal” and do whatever he wants you to do (within your comfort levels of course!). You can ask him to take you for granted and treat you like his very own genie. This means you will cook anything he wants, pamper him, massage him or spoon feed him, basically do whatever he fancies for the fun of it.

Just be ready for a few intimate ventures though because that’s the first thing that will pop into his mind.

The best thing about intimate relationships is that they allow space for us to express ourselves openly and intimately. You can come up with many creative ideas for your boyfriend’s birthday while making sure he feels comfortable and pampered, after all it’s his day. More than the things you do on your boyfriend’s birthday, it should be about using the occasion to express the full extent of your love and care for him.

What did you do on your boyfriend’s birthday? Please let us know in the comments below.