What Do I Write in My Boyfriend’s Birthday Card? (4 Things You Must Include!)

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Words, when used creatively, have the power to generate some touching emotions. On the other hand, deep emotions have a way of generating touching words.

No wonder most romantic people are generally good at poetry. When there is true love in your heart it will reflect in the words you write.

Birthday cards usually come with well written poetries or expressions of love, but what your boyfriend will be more interested in would be what “you” have written on the card.

So instead of a bland “happy birthday to you” or “many many happy returns of the day”, which is non-original and bourgeois, come up with something more creative and romantic.

Here are a few tips on romantic and creative things that you can write on your boyfriend’s birthday card:

1.) Address him with a baby name

It’s his birthday and it marks the day he was born a little toddler into this world, so why not address him with a cute nickname like snuggly, sugar plum, sugar candy, or sugar lips.

You can start with something like “My dear little snuggly baby”. Most guys do like being called by baby names; it takes them back to their toddler days. Or you can keep it a little more sexier by addressing him as “My Prince Charming”.

Here are a few more cute boyfriend nicknames to consider.

2.) Express your love for him

Thanks to this day several years back, you have your boyfriend to love and be loved. So it’s an appropriate day to let him know how much his presence means to you.

Tell him how thankful you are to God, or powers that be, for having created him and bringing him into your life.

You can write this in a lighter vein like, “this day is extremely special for me because my dearest prince charming was born on this date X years back. It’s even more special now because he is in my life, brightening it and filling it with joy.

3.) Wish for his prosperity

A birthday is as good as a New Year because it marks the start of a new age for the person concerned.

So it’s common for people to wish for prosperity and good fortune on a person’s birthday.

You can write about how you really pray and wish for this year to bring a lot of success into his life.

You can write something like “I hope from the bottom of my heart that this day marks the beginning of a very successful, happy and prosperous time to come.

4.) Pray for your relationship

Love touches us when we find someone who tingles the bells of our heart and yet many relationships don’t make the course. They say that it needs grace and fortune for a relationship to make it through the adversities and changes of life but true love does conquer all circumstances.

You can write about how deeply you wish for your relationship to continue with the same love, truth and beauty as it is right now.

Something like “On this day I want to let you know that I want to be with you for all the life to come, as your best friend, your true lover and trusted companion. I pray to god that I get to celebrate your birthday with you for all the years to come”.

To sum it up..

Your message need not be a short one, in fact it’s better if it’s a long one, after all he will cherish this birthday card as token of your love for him. Deep relationships are so hard to come by, so when you find one you must cherish it and put in all your effort to maintain it.

A birthday is a special occasion for you to express your love and appreciation for his presence in your life; do it in words, do it in action and don’t be shy in your expression.

  • Bri

    This was so helpful! My boyfriend’s birthday is in a few days and I wanted to make a card for him along with other gifts. I’m usually very good with words, but when it comes to my Joejoe I want to say EVERYTHING and so I get kind of stumped, lol. Your article helped me realize that I can tell him everything I wish to say because it’s from my heart! Thanks so much!