How to Know if this Shy Guy Has a Crush on Me?

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Question from Girl with a crush <3 I’m shy, and i have started to like this guy and I’m pretty sure he is shy as well, because he keeps to himself and only really talks to his friends. He was in one of my classes during first semester of last year and we sat beside each other in rows. We didn’t have a seating plan sooo… 😛 lol

On the 7th of June I added him on facebook, then on the 11th i started to like him. I don’t know why but i did.
I’ve noticed that he has looked at me in the hallways quite a few times, like the one day I passed him 4 times and he looked 3 of those times. Another time he saw me walking down the hallway and it seemed like he was sort of staring cuz he didn’t look away until i was about 15 ft away. Then another time me and my friend were walking through the hall again and i was looking down and then i looked up and he looked down/away quickly.

Now it is a new school year and today was the third day. He is in one of my classes but he sortof sits beside me but further up (like diagonal). (sorry this is probably confusing) But on the first day we were doing this game to learn everyone’s name and we had to repeat all the ones that were before us. So when it was his turn i was observing every thing he said 😛 and i noticed (it probably means nothing but im just wondering) that he hesitated for everyone elses but mine.. like he would say for the others *Name here* likes…. *food(or something)* after. Its sortof hard to explain but when he said mine it was clear no hesitation. I’m pretty sure my friend thinks im just saying that but i was paying attention.

Then today at the end of the day we made eye contact, i was walking back to my locker and we looked at each other for like 5 steps or so (didn’t count how many but approx). then i looked away. Im pretty sure i had a smile on.

I was just wondering what your views were on what this could mean? Like could he like me?

Thanks 🙂

Hi There,

It’s quite obvious that he has made quite an impact on you, and his presence rings your heart bells. So how do you find out if he likes you? It’s simple, just trust your gut instinct. It’s said that girls are blessed with higher intuitive powers than guys, so as a girl you can always trust you intuition. Just ask yourself, what you do intuitively feel when the two of you make eye contact? We humans put too much important on spoken words and actions, but in truth we are vibrational beings, and you can intuitively feel what the other person is feeling by sensing their vibration (eye contact is the best way to sense the other person vibration about you).

By your description, it seems highly likely that he has a crush on you too. The fact that he looked down, when you caught him staring at you, shows that he’s the shy type, and it also indicates a high possibility that he has feelings for you. Also, you saw him looking at you on several occasions, which indicates high interest level on his part.

The two of you are in the same class, and sit close to each other, so it provides a great opportunity to get to know each other better and turn this into a relationship. You would need to take the first step though because shy guys often delay taking initiative for the fear of rejection. You said you are a shy girl, but it still rests upon you to take the first step if you want to initiate a relationship with him.

Start out conversing with him on daily basis, either via facebook, or by calling him up. Once he gets comfortable talking to you, and he realizes that you are open and caring towards him, he will start opening up to you. Shy guys make for the best lovers, but it’s important that you understand their sensitivity aspect.