How to Know If a Guy is Playing Hard to Get?

Author: Admin

Question by Janai: How to know when a guy is playing hard to get?

Hi Janai,

Guys are as adept at playing hard to get as girls are.

You must remember that this behavior is completely normal and is not “manipulative” in any way. A guy would usually play hard to get with a girl who seems to take him for granted, or as a friend.

This way he can indirectly tell the girl that he has other options open if she is not considering to be his girlfriend.

Here are few signs that may indicate that guy is playing “hard to get” with you.

1.) He suddenly turns cold

When you see that the guy you were so friendly and warm with suddenly turns cold with you or starts behaving indifferently, it might just be that he wants to get out of the friend zone and get into more serious relationship.

2.) He starts flirting with other girls

You find that this guy you have been so chummy with for so long suddenly starts ignoring you and starts flirting with other girls in your presence.

He is trying to make you jealous and is also sending out a message that he’s willing to move on if things don’t start heating up between the two of you.

3.) He ignores your texts and calls

You need to be careful with this behavior, because it could well be that he is really “pushing” you out, but it could also be that he’s trying to make you feel that he’s too busy to answer your calls or messages, usually with the purpose of piquing your curiosity about him.

He could also do this to make you miss him more and feel desperate for his attention.

4.) He underplays your place in his life

Some guys would talk down a girl just to make her feel that she has to earn her place in his life.

For example, he would tell you that his business is more important to him than the relationship with the intention of making you feel that you can’t take him for granted and that you have to work at keeping his interest in you alive.

5.) He becomes overly critical of you

This is usually a very rude way of approaching things but some guys do get highly critical of their girl simply to show her who’s the boss.

This behavior is more visible in guys with a “dominant” attitude.

Through this behavior he’s trying to convey that you need to win his appreciation and know his value.

6.) He cancels your dates

If you find a guy canceling a date at the last minute, with some cold excuse, it could well be that he’s playing hard to get by letting you know that he has many other priorities in his life.

Some guys cancel dates on purpose just to show the girl that they are in charge.

So these are just some signs that a guy is playing hard to get. The best way to deal with this situation is to up your game a little. Approach him from your side but don’t do it too often as that would come off as needy behavior. This way you can keep the attraction alive at the same time come off as mysterious and as a challenge. Let him figure you out as you try to figure him out.