How to Know if He Likes You More Than a Friend?

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Question by Jemma: So there’s a guy I’ve known for about 5 months, and I really like him. He’s wicked shy, and doesn’t talk to a lot of people. On this website, it said if a confident guy becomes very shy around you, he likes you. Well this guy is very shy, but becomes very confident around me. I invited him to a party, and he only talked to me. He’s always joking, trying to make me smile, but he won’t talk to people he doesn’t know. So does he like me?

CAMP: I met the guy (we’ll call him Billy) at spring camp at a church camp I go to. But he goes to my school and is one year older. (he’s 16 i’m 15) I’d never known him till then. We became friends immediately, and he decided to go to the camp I was going to over the summer. Between then we only hung out twice, but we kept in contact. He almost always texts me first. At camp this summer, the first day he asked if he could sit with me at dinner, and we (him, my friend and I)then sat together for the rest of the week.

Small things: He was okay with me giving him hugs, or putting my head on his shoulder. He initiated a few hugs himself, but not many. He would put his arm around me in a fake flirtatious way. (like pretending to flirt) He would hold the door for me, offer to get me water, and he subtly waited for me whenever we walked anywhere so we could go together. (okay well I assumed the reasoning behind it was so we could walk together) He joked a lot, but he jokes to all of his friends. He sat next to me when I was sitting on the railing and would pretend to push me off. One time I dropped my script over the side, and he immediately went to get it. He would tickle me… a lot, and at one point my friend is like ‘okay, enough tickling’ and he tickled her, but only once, then he tickled me some more.

Big things: One of the nights, I had a headache, and he skipped the line for smores to make sure I got water, and then made me laugh while I was trying to drink it. On the last night, there was a dance party, and while we were outside, without saying anything, I went over and lay on the ground to watch the stars. He came over and lay next to me, and told me how his guy friend was giving him crap for us being friends. We talked until other people came to lie down with us, which he later told me annoyed him. When I was trying to climb up something to get away (i was being surrounded by him, and two guy friends) one of his guy friends grabbed me, so I couldn’t. I said no, and then Billy said “Okay stop, let her go.”

That night, after the dance party, I was crying because I didn’t want to go home the next day. I was at the bathrooms with my friend, because I didn’t want to walk back all red faced. He comes out and gives me a hug, and tries to comfort me and make me laugh. He literally let me cry on his shoulder. He and my friend walked me to the picnik tables with his arm around my waist. On the tables, we were just sitting there and he was making me smile until the dean of the camp told us we all had to go to bed. Before he left, he asked me if I was going to be okay, then gave me a fake flirty hug goodbye, which he also gave to my friend after. The next day my friend was upset about having to go home, and he says “oh, don’t cry or I’ll cry too” in his funny voice, but that’s all.

That day while we’re walking to the chapel, the dean comes up to us and says “so, what’s going on between you two?” And we both reply “what?” he repeats himself, and we tell him “nothing”. He smiles and says “well, just to let you know, I approve.”

HOME: After camp, he texted me a lot. I told him how his friend kissed me on the forehead which I found kind of awkward and he says “yeah, that’s kind of creepy.” He then says we should watch this funny movie he loves, but I was the one who actually had to come up with the time and such. The next day he came over, and we went swimming. I kiddingly put my hand on his (man boob?) and he says “you know, I guess, I guess I respect you, because to any other of my female friends, I would have done that right back to them, but I respect you, so don’t worry, I wouldn’t do that to you.” We came back to my place, and watched the movie, and we’d be sitting on the couch, and he’d randomly start tickling me and such. We sat pretty close together, and if I moved he would say “no, don’t move away” in his funny voice. We’d fake flirt like he’d put his arm on my leg, I’d pet his leg hair (don’t ask) or he’d put hit legs on top of mine. After the movie, we went outside to wait for his mom, and we were lying on the ground. He used a fake flirt to put his arm around my shoulder, but this time he didn’t take his arm back. He let me put my head on his chest, and we talked until his mom came to pick him up, to which he jumped up and said she’d find it awkward if we were laying outside in the dark at 10 at night.

So, we talk a lot, and he’s a really nice person who will actually listen to me. I just want to know if he thinks of me more than a friend, and I know it sounds that way, but I’ve hung out with guy friends like this, who were completely only friends, and I’ve been convinced someone has liked me, and been crushed before. I’m sorry this is so long, but thank you for reading, and I’d love to hear from a guy’s perspective. Thank you very much, Jemma.

Hi Jemma,

This is definitely the beginnings of a close relationship. It looks as though your boyfriend is the shy type, but it’s evident that he’s opening up to you quite well. With time the two of you would get pretty intimate with each other, from the way things are going.

It’s best not to reference your past relationships or experiences. You are not the same person you were, neither is your boyfriend the same guy. Look at this relationship for a fresh perspective and be positive in your mind about how you want things to work out. He seems to be a sensitive and caring kind of a guy, he also seems straight forward and non-manipulative, so this relationship could well be a winner for you.

Since he is on the sensitive side, you might want to be careful about not hurting him by some “unintended” remarks or actions. The last thing you want is to get him to feel insecure about the relationship. The two of you are quite young, so there might be a few emotional squabbles, every now and then as the relationship becomes more mature and committed, the best advice would be to develop maturity and understanding of each other and look at working out this relationship into a long-term one (you don’t have to think too far into the future right now though). There is nothing more beautiful than sharing a stable relationship, it adds a new dimension to life and gives you that added support as you moves towards adulthood.

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